entrepreneur / investment group leader

Not your average Entrepreneur...

My primary business is to provide technical and financial consulting solutions to business owners who are looking to grow their business, maximize profits and help secure loans and other financial bank instruments.

Head of a Private Investment Group @ Project Varela LLC....

Strategic Financing based on client needs from A-Z...Free consultation....

The latest hot points:

1. Crowdfunding - $ 250,000 - $ 5,000,000, equity only, non loan payments, 1-10% equity of the biz...NO PAYBACK on the funding, our fee $ 250,000, can be lower for smaller clients

2. Personal loans - 3-20% interest, monthly payments, 1 - 5 years

3. Term loans 3-20 years, approx 3 - 10% annual interest, monthly payments

4. Real estate financing - 80% LTV, bank rates

5. Construction financing, bank rates

6. Home equity loans ...bank rates...

7. Other Unique Programs - Hard Money Lending, Assets, Real Estate, SBLC's

Reach Out Now @ projectvarela@gmail.com

A leader with a proven history of leading technology change, managing implementations and service organizations. Highly motivated change agent recognized for strong leadership, negotiation skills and strategic thinking. Key adviser to senior management in establishing strategic direction, operational excellence and program management for enterprise-wide technology initiatives.

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